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Cow Ears with no hair

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These cow ears arrived and we weren't happy with their thickness, now we know that sounds daft to read but they're not up to our usual standard that everyone's come to know, love and expect from us.

Nell loves them!

To give you an idea on the difference between these and what we usually have, think...

Walkers crisp versus McCoys
Wafer thin ham versus thick cut ham
Kelloggs Cornflakes versus Supermarket brand Cornflakes

You get the idea!

The date on them is good too... end of November 2024!

Cow ears are a fantastic, lower fat and longer-lasting alternative to pigs ears. They are a softer chew and are easier on the teeth than other beef chews, making them a good choice for older dogs, or those with sensitive teeth.


As our products are natural, always supervise your pet when feeding and ensure that a source of water is available for them.

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