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The Broken Bits Taster Box

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We occasionally get some bits in our deliveries that are broken or too small and we don't like to put these items in to our boxes because we don't know the size of the dogs that are receiving our scrummy treats. Broken items are usually fine for smaller dogs but we know that a larger dog wouldn't appreciate a snack sized version of what they're used to and that you as the owner wouldn't appreciate getting a broken version of something when you're expecting to keep your dog occupied.

So as we can't stand waste here at nell+lola we'd like to offer a broken bits box to you. Nell and Lola can only eat so much and we all know that treats should be eaten in moderation!

It's actually a great way for your dog(s) to try some of what we offer.

Most boxes will include broken versions of:

  • Duck neck
  • Gourmet sausage
  • Natural pig snout
  • Roast beef pieces
  • Paddy wack

Plus some of these bits too:

  • Duck wing
  • Camel skin
  • Trachea
  • Pizzle
  • Rabbit ear
  • Beef skin chew
  • Beef muscle chew
  • Achilles tendon
  • Cow ear


As our products are natural, always supervise your pet when feeding and ensure that a source of water is available for them.

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