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Yakeese Yak Cubes x10

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Just pop these in the microwave for around 60-70secs and they puff up in to delicious crunchy balls of goodness for you to treat your dog with.

"Yak – Cheese"

100% Natural

Made from an ancient recipe using a 6 step process.

Yakeese Yak cubes are made in the Himalayan mountains by 6 dairy farmers and a small herd of healthy yaks. They roam the mountains at altitudes of 15,000ft feeding on fresh herbs and medicinal plants, which provides the farmers with an abundance of milk.

Yak* & Cow Milk, Salt & Lime Juice (then smoked to seal in the awesomeness!)
*minimum 40% yak milk

Crude protein min 52.9%
Crude fat min 8.5%
Crude fibre max 0%
Moisture max 10.2%
Ash max 6%


As our products are natural, always supervise your pet when feeding and ensure that a source of water is available for them.

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